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Est. 1935 | Meridian, Mississippi | Family Dining ● Full Service ● 3rd Generation

Southern Home-Style Cooking | Serving Lunch & Dinner & Homemade Pies

Where Every Customer is Family…

New's survives and thrives.

Due to the depression by 1933 the value of stock on the New York Stock Exchange was less than a fifth of what it had.
Business houses closed their doors, factories shut down and banks failed. Farmers income fell more than 50 percent. By 1932 approximately one out of every four Americans was unemployed.
Uncle Hermon New still believing in his vision opened his Service Station In at the end of Depression in 1935.
Just 5 years of opening, Mr. Hermon New was hit with another hardship, World War II was declared and the only way to get gas was to have a gas stamp book.
The support of the war lead to everything needed (including gas) to be rationed out.
Months after the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941, Mr. Herman New service station became a café, June 1942.
Mrs. Hattie Jane, his wife, often cooked hamburgers in the back of the station. Customers really liked the fact that they could stop by New’s and have their car serviced and eat a hamburger while they waited.
Not long after, county and city school buses began stopping on their way to games. These groups ordered 80 to 100 hamburgers most nights.
The burgers were prepared for them, and after the game, the students would form a line to pick up their hamburgers and drinks. In 1942, hamburgers were sold for 10 cents.
As the café business grew, car hops were hired. Their names were Dottie Pickard, Janice Brown, Bubba Parker, and Mike Ponds, who is Hattie Jane’s nephew. The two gentlemen would also help service at the gas pumps and do maintenance.
By the 1950s, the gathering spot favored by the locals and travelers blossomed into a full-service restaurant. Louise Belvin – who worked at New’s as a waitress in the early ‘50s along with Doris Ponds, Hattie Jane’s sister, later bought the restaurant. Ms. Louise always said that Sunday seemed to be like Easter because all the fine ladies would some in wearing their beautiful colored hats and dresses after church.
In 1960, Richard Belvin, Louise’s second oldest of four sons, started work as a car hop and Ms. Francis McAlpine was hired as a cook.
Ms. McAlpine wore many hats. Not only was she the cook, but she was like a mother to Louise’s youngest son, Chris. She would help pick him up at school, cook for him, go over Bible verses with him, and the two would sing together on their way home.
In the 1970s, Louise passed New’s on to her son, Richard, who owned it for 35 years before passing it on to his youngest brother, Chris Belvin.
Chris and his wife, Monica, are the third generation to operate the restaurant. Someday, Chris hopes to pass it on to his son, Drew Belvin.
To this day, the Belvin family still has close ties with the sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles of Hattie Jane and Francis McAlpine’s son, Tyrone, and daughter, Diane.
In 1992, New’s celebrated its 50th year Anniversary. Seventy-one years later, children still can’t wait until they finish their meal so they can come to the counter and pick out their own candy – A New’s tradition started by Hattie Jane.
Today, Chris and Monica feel that New’s Restaurant is not about them, but rather about its people, because the people ARE the restaurant. They are the ones who have made New’s Restaurant what it is today.

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New's Restaurant
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